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...在澳门官方老葡京,我们有一个完整的社区! Our expert educators, coaches, mentors, staff, 顾问们团结起来,朝着一个共同的目标努力:准备, empowering, 并激励每一个走进澳门新葡新京官方大门的女孩. Our community members 为艾利斯的学生树立了积极的榜样, 倡导他们的成功,并在整个教育过程中指导他们.

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Faculty and Staff Directory

Macon Finley, Head of School

Named to her position in October 2016, 梅肯芬利于7月1日开始担任澳门官方老葡京的第十五任校长, 2017.
Ms. 芬利从圣约翰的约翰·巴勒斯学校加入澳门新葡新京官方. Louis, Missouri. 在约翰·巴勒斯学校的十七年里. Finley served in various positions, including Mathematics teacher, Principal, Director of Academics, and as Assistant Head of School where she played a pivotal role in strengthening support for students, recruiting outstanding faculty, enhancing professional development, and developing plans for a new science, technology, and research facility.
Ms. 芬利在约翰·巴勒斯学校的服务包括参加多样性, Education, and Values committees of the Board. 她曾担任招生面试官和招生决定委员会成员, 学院执行委员会主席, 学生性别平等组织的教师赞助商, 学院多元化委员会联席主席, 作为大学辅导员和学生顾问.
在加入John Burroughs School之前. Finley worked in the corporate sector for Ralston Purina and Pacific Gas and Electric Company as a Product Manager and Market Research Analyst, respectively. 在她职业生涯的早期,她曾在华盛顿大学工作. 并在斯坦福大学担任生物统计学研究助理.
Ms. Finley earned a B.A. in Statistics with honors and a lifetime Teaching Certification in Mathematics from Princeton University and she earned her M.B.A. 作为斯坦福大学商学院的阿杰·米勒学者. Mrs. Finley was active in the St. 在圣路易斯社区担任领导角色. 圣路易斯少年联盟路易斯地区儿童保育伙伴关系. 路易斯和大学联合卫理公会教堂. 她和丈夫彼得育有三个成年子女——女儿和两个儿子. Mrs. and Mr. Finley and their beloved golden retriever Scout relocated to Pittsburgh’s East End in June 2017.

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Board of Trustees

List of 18 members.

  • Sarah Bumsted 

  • Lesley Carlin 

  • Stephen Chen 

  • Shanan Guinn 

  • Patrick Koeppl 

  • Charles Krimmel 

  • Dora Magovern 

  • Crystal McCormick Ware 

  • Christine Nalitz 

  • Marni Pastor 

  • Tomar Pierson-Brown 

  • Kimberly Roberts 

  • Barbara Rosston 

  • Joseph Schmid 

  • Colleen Simonds 

  • Corinne Smith 

  • Ariana Smyth 

  • Jill Swensen