Strategic Plan

Our Mission and Vision

A Place Where Girls Soar

As part of the strategic visioning process, we have updated our mission and vision statements to reflect the compelling promises we make to families and the unique proposition our school community and program provide for our students.


We are a leader in developing girls and young women who tussle creatively and boldly with real-world problems and who are ready, excited, and committed to making a positive change in the world. We focus the School’s programming on prioritizing our girls’ growth around four key pillars:

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  • Changemakers

    to be forces for positive change in the world—completely undeterred by challenging situations and experts at finding creative solutions to difficult problems
  • Positive Community Members

    to be caring, empathetic individuals with real integrity, cultural competency, and an ability to make authentic, meaningful connections in a diverse world
  • Secure & Confident

    to be secure and confident in themselves, with a clear sense of what they value and strong voices with which to speak up for themselves and others
  • Vibrant Intellects

    to be genuinely curious and intellectually ambitious, delighted by learning, and equipped with all the skills necessary to be successful, independent, life-long learners